Travel Protection



In a World Full of Emerging AIR-Borne Infections, the constant evolution of Viruses and Bacteria into More Aggressive Strains – Our Health is Constantly Threatened.

WHO estimated that 3-5 million people worldwide get the flu each year.

In a crowded place you will Never know who is INFECTED.

With International Flights, it only takes One infected person to Spread Diseases across continents!

A persons sneeze can travel as far as 15 feet.

These are Infections we can’t see coming . Lurking around , waiting for a perfect time create havoc.

8,098 People worldwide became sick with SARS  during the 2003 outbreak.

Since 2012 incidents of Corona Virus MERS-COV has been reported in 21 countries.

The time for Self-Protection Technology has finally come. A breakthrough in the control of communicable diseases, protecting individuals round the clock wherever they go. DISINTEGRATE Airborne viruses and bacteria like MERS-CoV , CORONA VIRUSES, etc.before it reaches your body !

Introducing AIM World’s flagship product iPro-Tect 24/7 ! Gives You a 2 meter Anti-bacterial Anti-Viral shield! In a changing world with an mutating viruses and bacteria, we need product innovations like this to fight and prevent harmful diseases.

Japanese Technology
After 30 years of clinical research, we come out with this amazing product that creates a barrier of protection that disintegrates unwanted particles. Patented in Japan and double-patent in the USA, this product is UNIQUELY one of a kind.

Protect What Matters Most
We spend so much in curing diseases when we can spend less with preventive intervention. Keeping our health intact assures our optimum productivity and the safety of those we love, priceless.

Wearable and Fashionable
The unique design allows anyone to wear iPro-Tect 24/7 anytime and anywhere. The Flower of life” is a symbol for balance, serenity and harmony, a life that is secured from airborne diseases.

Elegant and Fashionable with 24/7 Protection.

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